All the climbers have personal reasons for supporting Hear See Hope and taking part in the epic Kili Climb for Usher Syndrome. We’re so grateful for their support and perseverance. Read their stories here and find out why they chose to join the climb.

  • The McKittricks

    Todd and Cole McKittrick

    Todd and Cole will tackle Kilimanjaro in honor of Conner and Dalton McKittrick, who live with Usher syndrome. Todd and Lane founded Hear See Hope when Conner, was diagnosed. The Kili Climb is just their latest effort to raise awareness and funds to continue the fight for a cure. Todd’s nephew Tony Zamora is excited to join them on this adventure and support the cause.

  • The Shoemakers
    Larry and Lauren Shoemaker

    Lauren and I have been involved with Hear See Hope since its founding more than 10 years ago. We became involved because Lauren and Conner have been friends since preschool. We also have a love of the outdoors and hiking. We want to raise awareness and funds for Hear See Hope so that a cure can be found and enable more people to be able to see for themselves the beauty all around the world. Climbing Kilimanjaro combines these two passions that we share!

  • Karmen Trzupek
    Karmen Trzupek

    I first met Todd, Lane, and Conner when I was working as a genetic counselor at the Casey Eye Institute in Portland, OR and Conner was diagnosed with Usher syndrome.  I have met literally thousands of patients and families with retinitis pigmentosa and Usher syndrome, but Todd and Lane are the only ones who walked away from the diagnosis and started a foundation. I’ve been honored to serve on their Board of Directors for the last 10 years.  Todd swam my first training swim with me when I got talked into completing a triathlon; it’s only fair that he and Conner have now talked me into a climb for Usher syndrome.

  • The Hohimers
    David, Sue-Ann, Hudson, Jack, Harrison, and Maxwell Hohimer

    The Hohimer Family is excited to join the adventure in finding a cure for Usher syndrome. The climb being made by dedicated researchers in the field is truly exciting and offers hope for families like our friends, the McKittricks, and others affected by Usher Syndrome. We have proudly supported the Hear See Hope organization for years, drawn into it by the common bond we share with the founders in that like us, they know the daily joys and challenges of bringing up four boys. Their optimism in spite of the added struggle of Usher syndrome affecting two of their sons, is inspirational. Their efforts to work on behalf of all people with Usher syndrome is aspirational. We hope you’ll join us in supporting a cure as we aspire to reach the summit.