Conner McKittrick HearSeeHope 2015 Auction Speech

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Conner McKittrick HearSeeHope 2015 Auction Speech

Conner McKittrick, a 15 year old with Usher syndrome, speaks before Fund-A-Grant at our 2015 Hear See Hope auction for Usher syndrome research.

2015 Hear See Hope Fund A Grant Video

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Fund a Grant 2015

Hear See Hope’s video shown at the 2015 auction before fund-a-grant. It highlights all the amazing research being done at UW Medicine’s Eye Institute.

A Brother’s Love

February 19th, 2014   Add Comment

Cole McKittrick has two brothers with Usher syndrome. He talks about why he wants to help find a cure.

Lauren’s Quest

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Lauren's Quest

This is a story of Lauren and how she helps her friend Conner in the fight against Usher Syndrome.

Canadian Speed Skater Kevin Frost

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At Hear See Hope, we love to see extraordinary stories about those living with Usher’s syndrome. Meet Canadian speed skater Kevin Frost, who is one of those stories! Kevin has Olympic ambitions and there are only two things in his way — Usher Syndrome and the International Paralympic Committee’s failure to recognize deaf-blind speed skating as a sport. Kevin’s passion for the speed skating and his drive to succeed have rallied his community around him in support of his bid to get deaf-blind speed skating…
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Family Affected by Usher Syndrome

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The McKittrick family has not one, but two children that are affected by Usher syndrome. Watch this touching story of Dalton, the McKittricks youngest son, as he undergoes surgery to have his cochlear implants put in and gets to hear his parents voice for the first time.

Introduction to Hear See Hope 2005

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Conner’s family found out he was deaf at a very early age and were able to take steps to help their son through this difficult process. Through an early cochlear implant Conner was able to hear sounds that he would not have been able to hear. Conner was diagnosed with Usher syndrome in 2004. His parents founded the Hear See Hope foundation to raise money for research to find a cure and to give support and hope to families impacted by Usher syndrome.

Hear See Hope Foundation

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The idea to start the Hear See Hope foundation started in August 2004 when our oldest son, Conner (then 5) was diagnosed with Usher syndrome Type 1. We immediately began doing research on Usher syndrome and all eye degenerative diseases. In this we found great hope that we could make a difference and that with funds there will be a cure for Usher syndrome in Conner’s lifetime. We discovered many very helpful and knowledgeable doctors and researchers that are doing all they can to find…
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There Will Be A Day

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There have been significant breakthroughs in Usher syndrome research in the last few years and there is more hope than ever that a cure is in sight.We are a 501(c)3 not for profit organization in search of funds to sustain the fight against Usher syndrome. Please help us make a difference by supporting us in our fundraising efforts for preventing, treating and curing Usher syndrome.

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